Doing Business in the East African Community

Today’s FT included an important supplement to which I have provided a link. Among the frontier market countries mentioned  are Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Evidence of the global legitimacy of the Frontier Markets, I believe, will come at us at an accelerating pace during 2012.


More great articles from the Frontier…

I have come across three great articles about countries on the Frontier. Rather than attempting to summarize them in my own words, I thought to best to just provide the direct links to them.

(1) A natural gas bonanza brewing in Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya —

(2)  Investing in the Poor Brings Great Returns (Bangladesh) —,,contentMDK:22310743~menuPK:3266877~pagePK:51236175~piPK:437394~theSitePK:73154,00.html?cid=EXT_Resultsappemail_P_EXT

(3) Bankers flock to Iraq despite dangers —

Iraq Investing

Happy reading.

Rwanda – Part Two

If you haven’t read Jacqueline Novogratz’s book, “The Blue Sweater”, put in on the top of your wish list. She recounts her fascinating Rwandan adventure about that country’s horrific period of genocide and its subsequent recovery.

Today I received my copy of the Frontaura Observer, a periodical published by Frontaura Capital, LLC, a Chicago-based Frontier Markets equity manager. Rather than attempt to paraphrase this remarkable commentary, I have provided the link to the full document below.

Rwanda is just one of the 64 frontier market countries we follow in our Frontier Market Compendium, but the emergence of Rwanda’s economy, stock exchange and international agenda is echoed in at least 20 of those 64 countries.

The Giraffe Group and its subsidiary Frontier Markets Compendium (site launch in late January, 2012) are dedicated to educating the planet about the plight of the world’s poor and, in most cases, the progress they are making in relieving that plight.