Vietnam Equities: attractive but tricky

Great article in the FT this morning:


Unrest lingers in Bahrain

I got an invitation to a Freedom House discussion that began with this introduction:

“One year after the Pearl Uprising in Bahrain, unrest continues amid the ongoing government crackdown against protests.  A report commissioned by the Bahraini government found in November that there has been systemic and widespread use of violence in the crackdowns as well as torture of political prisoners.  Despite pledges to reform, the government of Bahrain has made little progress, and continues to deny access to the country to the international media and human rights organizations, including Freedom House.  Meanwhile, the United States has remained largely silent as its close military partner engages in brutal repression.”

The Arab Spring has unleashed a tiger in many MENA countries. Please share your opinions  on possible  long-term solutions.

Africa Rising

I just received Alterio Research’s Weekly African report posted by Jason Wulterkens. Follow this link: Along with this encouraging analysis, I also caught a clip in the FT on Tuesday entitled “Africa Can Remind the World of the Capitalist Way.”  Here’s the link: