Slovenia and Croatia Top Business Corruption List


May 8, 2013

Slovenia and Croatia top the list when it comes to corruption perceptions in the business world, according to a recent survey by Ernst & Young.

A massive 94 per cent of managers in Slovenia consider bribes a completely normal practice in business deals as do 90 per cent of businessmen in Croatia who took part in the survey.

Croatia thus came third on the world list in terms of the percentage of business people who considered bribes normal, after Kenya and Slovenia in the number one spot.

Greece, Slovakia, Serbia and Russia all had results of over 80 per cent.

In Switzerland, by contrast, only 10 per cent of business people considered bribes completely normal, the survey said. Sweden, Finland and Norway also scored very low.

Germany’s Die Welt, analysing the results of the survey under the headline “Europe is so Corrupt”, noted that the European average was 39 per cent.

Link to the article:


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