Pakistan needs to be rebuilt anew

from a Financial Times Editorial..

May 12, 2013

Sharif has a lot to do to show he is up to the task

The problems facing Pakistan are so towering that it is tempting to mistrust anyone wishing to take them on – especially if that person has tried and failed ignominiously twice before. It is fair to remember that Nawaz Sharif – heading for decisive victory after Saturday’s general election – had his second term curtailed by a bloodless military coup in 1999. But it is equally fair to recall the palpable sense of relief, inside Pakistan and among both its allies and adversaries, at his then departure.

The paradox is that then as now, Pakistanis are daring to hope for an end to decades of misrule that has left the country with its treasury looted, its institutions buckled and in real danger of being Talibanised….


No country, even nuclear-armed as Pakistan is, can compete with an electricity supply of 10 hours a day, or a budget so monopolised by the army that too many children depend on Islamist mullahs for what education they can get….

Link to the entire Editorial:


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