Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif vows to tackle ‘jungle of problems’

fro the Financial Times..

June 5, 2013, By Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad and Victor Mallet in New Delhi

Nawaz Sharif promised to tackle the “jungle of problems” facing Pakistan after winning a vote of confidence in parliament on Wednesday to become Pakistan’s prime minister for the third time.

Mr Sharif, 63, won a convincing election victory last month at the head of his Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) party. He has pledged to try to make peace with the Islamist terrorists of the Pakistan Taliban, to tackle power cuts and make other economic reforms, and to revive a peace agreement with neighbouring India.

His return to power 14 years after he was overthrown in a military coup d’état is seen as significant because it marks the first time in the country’s turbulent history that one democratically elected government has completed its term and been replaced by another.


Mr Sharif’s immediate challenges, however, will be to tackle the power cuts that anger Pakistanis in the heat of summer and cripple the country’s industry, and to avert a balance of payments crisis.


….Mr Sharif promised to move quickly to reform the public sector companies whose annual losses amount to at least 2.5 per cent of gross domestic product. Under a plan already approved by Mr Sharif, advertisements will be placed in local and international media to recruit senior executives who can implement sweeping reforms, one of his aides said.

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