Zimbabwe – ZANU-PF pushes for the Victory!

from Ryan On Africa..

June 16, 2013

Written by Ryan “On Africa” Williams

This past week Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe under the auspices of the highest court in Zimbabwe set the elections for July 31st. The court ordered that the electoral process take place on July 31st, much to the consternation of the main opposition party the MDC. In a regional summit held this weekend in Mozambique SADC officials expressed caution towards the holding of elections in July especially after the country recently held a referendum on the new constitution. South African president Jacob Zuma at the summit expressed hope that more time would be given to implement the new media and legal regulations that are now instituted in the new elections. The financial reality for the country is that they simply cannot afford an election, especially after a constitutional referendum just held in March. Zimbabwe is beholden to the its regional neighbours for any financing of any election this year and so one would expect the election to be delayed until the full implementation of the new constitution. The political reality for the ZANU-PF is that with a bit of stability in the economy and disillusionment with the opposition MDC they are in pole to win legitimately the next elections.

A recent report by the international crisis group reports that while the economy is still in a mess it is highly likely that the ZANU-PF will win the next elections either peacefully or by foul. The reality is that it will probably be a bit of both in the case of Zimbabwe, but it is largely fuelled by better political leadership by the ZANU-PF. The ZANU-PF leadership have been playing the rounds on the international circuit seeking to re-establish positive relations with western political actors and making overtures to international capital. The ZANU-PF having cemented the much opposed land reform have moved from a more adversarial political approach to more conciliatory political approach towards the US and even Britain.

Zimbabwe has also benefited from the monetary assistance of South Africa as the reserve bank has allowed the country to use the Rand as the main currency. The result is that slowly but surely the disastrous land reform programme is showing some moderate success as the state is now able to provide financial assistant to the newly emerging black Zimbabwean farm community. In a new book Zimbabwe takes back its Land, authors Joseph Hanlon, Jeanete Manjengwa and Teresa Smart provide evidence to show that it was poor economic decisions that led to hyper inflation in Zimbabwe. The research team argues that it was through the implementation of the US dollar as the main currency that helped stabilise the economy. This writer would like to add that this was facilitated by the endless and constant financial support of the South state.  It is important to note that without South African financial support the Zimbabwean economy would have eventually collapsed without a creditor.

The ZANU-PF at the present moment is in a good position to win the next election due to noticeable changes on the ground and shifts in the mood in the country. While people are not satisfied with the state of the society they are less enthused by the MDC. The only fear for the ZANU-PF is the old age of the leader, without Uncle Bob at the helm the party cannot win the next elections. Let’s see what happens!

Link to the article: http://www.ryanonafrica.com/zanu-pf-pushes-for-the-victory/


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