#Hack4Health: Three-Day Hackathon For Blood Donation App

from OTEKBITS / Lifebank..

June 15, 2013, by Tolu Agunbiade

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.37.14 AM

Blood means life. But in Nigeria, access to safe blood is limited.

Speaking on the 2012 World Blood Donor day, the Nigerian Minister of Health said, “In Nigeria, we are currently faced with a situation, whereby 60 per cent of all blood donations are from commercial donors, 30 per cent from family replacement and only 10 per cent are from voluntary donors.”

To save lives and mark the 2013 World Blood Donor Day, One Percent Project with a set of brilliant programmers, software developers and media professionals, have committed three days to building an app that makes it easier to give and receive blood in Nigeria. The hackathon, tagged #Hack4Health, will culminate in an event on Sunday, June 16, 2013, where the general public and the press will be asked to attend the unveiling of the app.

Only about 54% of the blood needed in Lagos is collected and only 10% is collected from volunteer blood donors.

According to Oo Nwoye, the hackathon coordinator, “Access to safe blood in Nigeria needs urgent attention, and we are using web and mobile technology to facilitate this, while raising societal awareness of the benefits of donating.”

About 10% of all HIV cases are caused by unsafe blood transfusion.

According to Temie Giwa, Director, One Percent Project, “We think it’s important to make it very easy for people to give blood, and this hack will build an app that would do just that.”

Blood from 100% voluntary donors — people who donate blood for free — can save thousands. But Nigerians hardly donate blood voluntarily. One pint of blood donated can save three lives.

This event is supported by dozens of Nigerian techies and health activists, volunteering their skills and time to make this work. It is also supported by the kind hearted participation and charity of the CcHub, Audax Solutions, and Hellofood.

Link to the article: http://otekbits.com/2013/06/hack4health-three-day-hackathon-for-blood-donation-app/


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