EU grants Cyprus 4.1 mln euros for green projects

from the Cyprus Mail..

July 3, 2013

THE EUROPEAN Commission has approved funding of 4.1 million euros for Cyprus for projects that fall under the EU Life+ programme, the EU’s environmental fund.

The EC has approved funding for 248 new projects which cover nature conservation, climate change, environmental policy and information and communication on environmental issues across all member states.

As regard Cyprus, the 4.1 mln euros cover three projects. The first one is called LIFE LIVE-WASTE and will be implemented by the Cyprus University of Technology.

This project’s objectives are to develop, demonstrate and evaluate an integrated system for treatment of livestock waste that involves several advanced integrated processes. This system will recover materials and energy from livestock waste and produce reusable effluent, whilst lowering greenhouse gas emissions and odours.

The second project  LIFE+ SmartPV by the University of Cyprus aims to help point the way towards a more economically and environmentally sustainable electricity grid in Cyprus and Europe whereby cost-optimum photovoltaic technology in the energy mix will contribute to the reduction of air polluting emissions.

Energy efficiency savings and positive effects in green sustainable growth (e.g. employment in eco-industry) are other forecast benefits.

The LIFE-RIZOELIA project of the Department of Forests has a primary aim to promote and enable the long-term conservation in Cyprus of two protected habitats: arborescent matorral with Zyziphus and gypsum steppes.

It will do so by halting or significantly reducing the natural and manmade pressures that contribute to their long-term degradation.

Similar projects across the EU represent a total investment of some 556.4 million euros, of which the EU will provide 281.4 million euros.

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