Serbia among top destinations for FDI in Europe

from CEE Insight..

July 5, 2013


Serbia came in at number 11 in Europe in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2012, the local media reported on June 28.

“CEE economies lead in process industries,” international consulting company Ernst & Young wrote in a 2012 report. “Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic attracted 53 percent of new automotive jobs. These countries have attracted big projects because they are cost-competitive and close to Germany – home to many key industrial customers.”

In 2012 there were 78 projects in total in Serbia This represents an increase of 16.4 percent compared to the previous year, according to Ernst & Young’s research on the attractiveness of the European market.

Serbia ranks sixth in terms of the number of jobs created as a result of FDI.

Germany and Austria were also largely present in terms of investments in production. The primary targets for FDI included the  automotive components market, machines and equipment.

The report concluded that the Eurozone crisis did not affect the inflow of FDI on the European market in 2012.

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